Eco-Friendly Products

We are committed to manufacturing only Eco-Friendly products, utilizing proprietary nanotechnology applications.


To care for a person at home can be challenging, our products promote safe handling and care for your loved one.

Medical Professionals

From Doctors, Nurses and Physical Therapists, our products improve safety and comfort for their patients.


We provide better quality of products that asisist in the quality of care and improve patient outcomes for the institution.


BUDDYGUARD™ Full (with legs)

Full body repositioning device to reduce pressure ulcers. This product launched the company and led to the discovery of utilizing minerals to promote healing.
**Redesign coming soon. * *

BUDDYGUARD™ Short (torso)

BUDDYGUARD™ Short (torso) – Designed for walking with comfort and support. 

We have adapted our full-body repositioning device for the more mobile patient to aid in ambulation, transfers and rehabilitation stages. For better comfort and control, it wraps around a larger surface area around the torso. This device assists in safely and comfortably moving patients in the hospital, in outpatient treatment, or in the home environment.