A Solution-Driven Health Industry Company

Since its inception, The BuddyGuard™ Corporation, inspired by registered nurse Margarita Clement, Ph.D., MAT, BSN, PHN has endeavored to produce a quality, high-end health care product that enhances the patient experience by:

  • Providing comfort
  • Promoting safety
  • Preserving mobility to maintain or improve health
  • Preventing injuries that could result from walking or performing therapy
  • Enhance healing
  • Preventing injuries secondary to the activities of ambulating or transporting patients

We develop products to help in the recovery of patients and loved ones.

The BuddyGuard™ Corporation's
Our Main Objectives
  1. Informing and educating the public, healthcare administrators, and investors about our product.
  2. Addressing the questions and needs of all potential stakeholders as they arise.
  3. Welcoming all opportunities to provide hands-on demonstrations of our product.
  4. Remaining diligent about the choice of our materials and consistently applying quality control standards as we seek to refine our manufacturing process.
To promote more effective treatments to enhance the patient’s quality of life utilizing eco-friendly and natural applications.