We are excited by all the positive remarks we have received from health industry professionals about Patient Lift: (Boemba™).  We believe it’s because we have produced a high-quality, ergonomically assisted device that assures safety when turning, transporting or assisting with ambulation, protects existing pressure ulcers from worsening and may well prevent pressure ulcers from forming in the first place.


Find out why our current clients are so excited about Patient Lift: (Boemba™) and how our product may help your patient or loved one find dignity and comfort again.

Gabriel Rubanenko,M.D. F.A.A.O.S.

When we think of the number of people who die annually from pressure ulcers in the USA, this invention must be regarded as an important breakthrough, one that has the potential of tremendously increasing adherence and therefore saving lives. I strongly endorse the Patient Lift: (Boemba™) by The BuddyGuard™ Corporation.

Orthopedic Surgeon
Sofia Vaisman, M.D.

I am writing as a family Physician with 30 years of experience treating elderly and debilitated patients. Many of these patients spend a lot of time in bed or in wheelchairs. Frequently these patients develop bed sores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. Patient Lift: (Boemba™) is an excellent device to solve this difficult problem. It allows for repositioning by ONE caregiver. It also allows for accurate monitoring at the time of repositioning. The results are amazing!

Family Physician
Marina Kovalevsky, M.D.

I view the Patient Lift: (Boemba™) as an important breakthrough in the medical community that will help alleviate untold suffering and improve the quality of life for both patients and caregivers anywhere it may be employed. I wholly and thoroughly endorse the Patient Lift: (Boemba™) by The BuddyGuard™ Corporation.

L. Wu, RN and Nurse Practitioner

Simple and easy repositioning is made possible by the strategically placed handles convenient to the care provider.

RN and Nurse Practitioner
Nancy Morgan, RN, BSN, MBA, WOC, WCC, CWCMS, OMS

I want to give the highest praise to a remarkable new product designed to provide effortless repositioning of patients confined to bed or wheelchairs. Providers and caregivers need to off load pressure, and one of the best ways to do this is turning and repositioning that is individualized for their patient to avoid pressure ulcers (bed sores) from developing.