Patient Lift: (Boemba™) Clears a Major Workers’ Compensation Hurdle

Worker’s Compensation claims not only affect insurance rates, but also impact scheduling changes and sick days taken by nursing professionals and others to recover from work-related injuries.


Patient Lift: (Boemba™) was designed by a registered nurse to help others in the health care profession more easily perform their jobs, while protecting themselves and their patients. Margarita Clement, Ph.D., MAT, BSN, PHN, has taken a number of elements into consideration in the design and manufacture of Patient Lift: (Boemba™) including ease of use, comfort for the patient, sanitary standards, etc.


The product fits in well with the American Nurses Association Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals in Safe Patient Mobility and Handling enacted in 2013. These guidelines include “the incorporation of ergonomic design principles to provide a safe environment of care.” The soft to the touch, non-abrasive fabric has also been found to stop the advancement of pressure ulcers.

Pressure Ulcers

“Pressure ulcers increase hospital costs significantly. In the U.S. pressure ulcer care is estimated to approach $11 billion (USD) annually, with a cost of between $500 and $70,000 (USD) per ulcer.” (According to “Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Clinical Practice Guidelines” by the National Pressure Ulcer Panel, European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, and the Pan Pacific Injury Alliance. October, 2014)

Patient Lift: (Boemba™) is Tailor Fit to the Patient for Comfort and Ease of Movement

Custom fit to the patient, Patient Lift: (Boemba™) is constructed with hand loops strategically placed around the exterior of the garment, allowing health care professionals to gently lift, reposition and safely walk with the patient.


Healthcare professionals who have tried Patient Lift: (Boemba™) can’t say enough about it. Order your Patient Lift: (Boemba™) today. Please visit our FAQ page for more facts about the Patient Lift: (Boemba™). If you have a query that isn’t addressed, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.