Patient Lift: (Boemba™)

What is Patient Lift: (Boemba™) ?

Patient Lift: (Boemba™), an ergonomically-designed, patented device from The BuddyGuard™ Corporation provides non-medical caregivers and healthcare professionals alike a way to improve the quality of life for their patients and avoid unnecessary strains or injuries to themselves. Patient Lift: (Boemba™) resists bacteria, moisture and odors; increases circulation; and is non-irritating to patients’ skin, fade resistant, easy to wear and simple to clean.


The custom healthcare device was created by Margarita Clement, Ph.D., MAT, BSN, PHN, who understands the logistical challenges hospital personnel often have. She wanted to develop a medical device that would benefit both patient and caregiver. Constructed from an EGIS Dynamic Series 50nm Reusable Functional Medical Textile, Patient Lift: (Boemba™) offers the following properties:


UV Protection
Nanoscale Fiber
Negative Ions
Mineral Energy
High Surface Area to Volume Ration


Temperature remains constant
Fabric won’t fade
Screens out bacteria and microbes
Repels perspiration
Promotes tissue microcirculation
Allows air to circulate


Each Patient Lift: (Boemba™), manufactured in the U.S. is tailored to a patient’s specific body measurements. Due to its unique construction, which allows for separate chest and leg wraps, Patient Lift: (Boemba™) can accommodate an assortment of body shapes and sizes. The device ships with pads for increased comfort and protection of delicate areas. Ask us about ancillary items that may further enhance the benefits provided by Patient Lift: (Boemba™).


Patient Lift: (Boemba™) was developed with the home and healthcare industries in mind. To find out more about Patient Lift: (Boemba™) visit our FAQ page. Order your Patient Lift: (Boemba™) today. You can either contact us directly or speak with one of our distributors. BPatient Lift: (Boemba™) is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) service provider.


The core work of our company is to understand the fundamentals of chemical and physical phenomenon at 50nm of existing materials to create new fibers.


Dunamis range of products use nano technology to create new permanent functionalities not possible with traditional textiles. Possible permanent functionalities include liquid repellent, antimicrobial function, deodorization, mineral energy resonance to improve blood flow, new molecular structure to capture toxic gas and micron particles. Dunamis Nano technology is exciting with possibilities to create new material to give it unique functionalities that were impossible before.


We want our nano textile to change the use of traditional garmet. The future garmet should protect you from the hazard in the environment and continuously nourish you when you wear them.