A Solution-Driven Health Industry Company

Since its inception, The BuddyGuard™ Corporation, headed by registered nurse Margarita Clement, Ph.D., MAT, BSN, PHN has endeavored to produce a quality, high-end health care product that enhances the patient experience by: 


  • Providing comfort
  • Affording privacy
  • Maintaining positive skin integrity by preventing or minimizing pressure ulcers
  • Preventing injuries that could result from turning   or transport
  • Increasing motility at all activity levels
  • Reduce the effort necessary to monitor, turn, and transport patients
  • Preventing injuries secondary to the activities of turning, repositioning, or transporting patients


Patient Lift: (Boemba™) and its unique design grew out of Clement’s personal experience caring for her father.  Due to limited strength in her hands, she found it physically exhausting to lift, turn and reposition him, and set out to find a way to make the process easier.


Patient Lift: (Boemba™) is a patented, ergonomically-designed assisted medical device tailored to fit a patient’s exact measurements. The result is increased comfort for patients and ease of use for their caregivers. Because the Patient Lift: (Boemba™) is custom-fitted—it has a separate chest and thigh piece—it won’t slip or irritate the skin. It’s nano-scale fiber technology creates a surface that is impregnable to microbes, bacteria or moisture. The fabric also has a mineral energy component that promotes subcutaneous tissue microcirculation.


To find out more about the unique qualities of Patient Lift: (Boemba™) visit our FAQ page or contact us directly. Discover how Patient Lift: (Boemba™) can reduce physical strain on the caregiver and give the client greater comfort and security.

The BuddyGuard™ Corporation's
Our Main Objectives
  1. Informing and educating the public, healthcare administrators, and investors about our product.
  2. Addressing the questions and needs of all potential stakeholders as they arise.
  3. Welcoming all opportunities to provide hands-on demonstrations of our product.
  4. Remaining diligent about the choice of our materials and consistently applying quality control standards as we seek to refine our manufacturing process.
Seeing a need for more efficient and effective patient care, especially in the treatment and prevention of wound care, The BuddyGuard™ Corporation has developed a product that protects patients from pressure ulcers while providing them dignity, aids nursing professionals and caregivers in transporting and maneuvering patients with greater ease and flexibility, and has the potential to save healthcare facilities from major worker’s compensation payouts. Known as Patient Lift: (Boemba™) , this custom fit device comes packaged with a three-month recording manual, allowing staff to log in and track a patient’s progress. Patient Lift: (Boemba™) is manufactured in the USA and is available through an American Durable Medical Equipment (DME) service provider.